About the Award

The Global Dialogue Prize was established to promote intercultural value research. This kind of research is very important in our present situation—we are facing global policy problems such as global climate change, global health, or global security. But as long as decisions are based on cultural prejudice rather than in-depth understanding about the value systems of all involved, solutions are not sustainable and conflicts arise.

The Global Dialogue Prize shall higlight that intercultural understanding is a primary social good of the present age, a fact that is too little recognized.

As communities and cultures increasingly encounter each other in our globalized societies, each with its different set of situated values, the need to facilitate dialogue, cultural growth, and peaceful interaction becomes ever more pressing. Global policy problems require increased attention to the conditions of global communication and cultural interaction.

Cultural and existential values represent a community’s sense for the conditions that make for human flourishing and moral purpose. Often the values of different communities are not compatible. Intercultural dialogue can transform or mitigate conflicts arising from a perceived diversity of values.

However, intercultural dialogue on values is particularly demanding—it requires not only just good will but also intercultural competence. Such competence in turn presupposes that scholarly knowledge in intercultural value studies become more readily available in public praxis.

The Global Dialogue Prize it is awarded every 2-4 years to individuals, institutions, or organizations, for achievements in the advancement and application of intercultural dialogue and value studies. The Global Dialogue Prize carries the recognition of being one of the world’s most significant awards in intercultural dialogue and value studies.

Award Winner 2013

The Award Committee of the Global Dialogue Prize has decided to bestow the 2013 award on the Council for Research in Values and Philosophy (www.crvp.org), in particular recognition of the Council’s longstanding efforts in addressing sensitive issues of cultural heritage and contemporary change. Over the course of four decades the Council has grown to become the currently largest network for intercultural value research, with over 400 associated members from 65 countries. Since 1998 the Council has produced over 150 academic events and published 300 volumes of scholarly monographs and anthologies on values from a cross-culturally comparative or intercultural perspective.

The Council’s President, Professor George F. McLean, who has built and directed the Council throughout four decades, will accept the award on behalf of the organization. The award ceremony will take place as a prelude to the pm sessions of the XXIII World Congress of Philosophy at the University of Athens: specifically on August 4, 13.00-13.45 in the AULA (main hall) ground floor of the School of Philosophy Building (University Campus, Zografos, Athens 15703, Greece).