Nomination procedure

Candidates for the Global Dialogue Prize are nominated to the academic organizers of the award by a third party. Self-nominations are not possible. Nominators remain anonymous to the Award Committee. Nominations should comply with the nomination guidelines. With the exception of the finalists, all nominations are confidential.

Conditions for nomination

The Global Dialogue Prize is a recognition for exceptional achievements. Nominees for the main prize must fulfill all criteria of the award to be eligible.

The prize can be awarded to individuals (one or more),institutions, and organizations.

Nominees that are academic researchers or scholars should have an outstanding record of international research publications demonstrating that they are among the top scholars in the field worldwide. Nominated institutions or organizations should have a record documenting the production of international research publications in the relevant areas.  In addition, documented evidence must be presented to show that the nominee’s research has or will have practical relevance for the advancement of intercultural understanding.

Alternatively, for persons who are nominated for achievements in applying research on the conditions and content of intercultural dialogue and intercultural value studies in practice, documentation must be provided clearly demonstrating why achievements have made an exceptional contribution in management, education, journalism or grassroots activism.

All winners of the Global Dialogue Prize must receive their awards in person; winners of the main prize are expected to deliver an acceptance speech at the award ceremony. If more than one person or an organization is to win the award, at least one of the winners or a representitive of the organization must be present to receive the award.