General aims

The Global Dialogue Prize was established in order to promote the principle that intercultural understanding is a primary social good of our times.  As communities and cultures increasingly encounter each other in our globalized societies, each with its different set of situated values, the need to facilitate dialogue, cultural growth, and peaceful interaction becomes ever more pressing. Cultural and existential values represent a community’s sense for the conditions that make for human flourishing, social and personal well-being, and moral purpose. In view of the severe global problems we are facing, global dialogue on values increasingly holds the key to the survival of humans and humanity.

Intercultural dialogue is most successful if undertaken with an in-depth, scholarly understanding of cultural and existential values–of others and one’s own. The award shall draw attention to the social significance of intercultural value research, but serves exclusively scholarly purposes.


The Global Dialogue Prize recognizes outstanding achievements in intercultural dialogue and value studies (by persons, institutions, or organizations), as well as outstanding achievements in applying such research to promote the goal of increasing intercultural understanding and competence.

The prize is addressed to scholars and researchers in the humanities and other fields of scholarship and science relevant to intercultural value research. The award will primarily honour research that also creates a tangible precedent in the field of dialogical praxis: whether in the organization of international research communities, international cultural policy, responsible journalism, intercultural education, or intercultural ‘grassroots activities.’


The Global Dialogue Prize carries the recogniton of being one of the world’s most significant awards for intercultural dialogue and value research.